Nigeria launches a Digital Currency

Given the significant explosion in the use of digital payments and the rise in the digital economy, the CBN’s decision follows an unmistakable global trend in which over 85% of central banks are now considering adopting digital currencies in their countries. The CBN coined the…

How to Identify Anomaly Detection!

Technology is constantly improving, and hackers are becoming more proficient as well. While using the Internet opens up exciting new possibilities, it also introduces significant hazards; increasing connectivity creates a wider attack surface that can be exploited if the implementation isn’t carefully handled.

According to Forbes, Anomaly detection is one…

RT Opensquare- anomaly detection for companies

The Need for Reispar’s Opensquare — Anomaly Detection Solution

The creation and use of cheques as a payment system can be traced back to the ancient banking system in which an order is requested by the clients to transfer money to identified persons. …

Dangers of Delayed Business Decisions

Since the pandemic broke out in 2019 several businesses have faced the dilemma of delayed business decisions due to inadequate insights and analytics on their data. The outbreak of Covid19 triggered the adoption of analytics across businesses for process optimisation and remote monitoring.

Have you…

Up Your Game In Text Analytics & AI this August!!!

Helping you to stay ahead of your game

Two weeks ago we built a smart language translation web app using some interesting python tools and libraries which we will be sharing at our upcoming August Data & AI training Cohort. Why?

As a young data enthusiast, how good…

Understanding Technical Requirements from Model to Production

An Explosive Virtual Session

In today’s competitive business environment, machine learning processes keeps evolving. There are different approaches to putting models into productions, with benefits that can vary dependent on the specific use case. …

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